Things I can’t get rid of (even though deep down I might want to) #3

This is a continuation post.  You can see my original post Here

5-Door bell

This is an adorable brass doorbell.  I think it’s from early 1900s.  Rather than pushing the button, you turn the key-type mechanism and it makes a beautiful loud ring.

Why I want to get rid of this- I live in a rental and don’t have anywhere to install it. It sits in a baggy in the closet.  The dogs can’t stand the sound of it and go into a barking frenzy whenever it rings. I don’t use it.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- one of my big goals in life is to actually save up for my own small home so I can paint, and make it more sustainable and energy-efficient (something my current home is severely lacking). It will be one of the first things I put in as soon as I reach my goal.  I haven’t really come across one of these anywhere else.  Since its not electric it will be a good replacement for any existing doorbells the house might have.  I love it.
6- butter dish

I don’t really know how old this is. 1920s or 30s-ish.  Same thing as the doorbell, you just don’t come across these too often (especially where I live). It does have the original glass dish which is also unusual.

Why I want to get rid of this- if I want to use butter I can put it on a small plate. This isn’t anything too special, it’s silver plate and it and the glass dish are probably full of lead.  It’s a pain to clean and does need to be polished all the time. It’s hard to store because it’s awkwardly shaped and is only used on holidays.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it-it’s so stinking cute. I love the idea of using fancy things for holiday dinners.  My family always gets a kick out using it and smile every time they see it. Again, “old” things are always more “special” to me and I’ve never been able to explain it.


March No-Buy update #2

My last post about this was on March 10th and honestly, I was downright ashamed of myself!  I hate to say it, publicly shaming myself worked!  

I was more diligent, I stayed away from thrift stores, Amazon, k-pop sites and iTunes (all the usual offenders that make me want to pull out my credit card).  I was more verbal about my goals to my family and friends (who seemed mostly confused that I wouldn’t want to buy things. Some were supportive).  I had a couple of near-misses.  I admit it.  

Not shopping is really hard. Especially if it’s a HABIT.   Shopping for me is a habit which I really want to break.

I did buy one thing, and I think it was kind of justified.  Here, let me explain.

Shea butter- $5

I didn’t actually buy this for me. I bought it for my dog.  Yep. 

Meet Lula.

Is she looking at you or the wall? Both?

Lula’s tongue always sticks out (on her right side- she was born with a crooked jaw and has only a few teeth left). She can’t lick her own nose (please excuse her runny nose, she can’t take care of that herself either). She’s a grouchy old lady.

I used to use this stuff to moisturize her nose.  

And it’s a great product actually, but it was getting kind of old and slimy. I purchased this about 3 years ago for a whopping $20.  It works! Her nose was black and beautiful!  However, the older it got the more itchy it made ME (there is hempseed oil in it which I’m kind of allergic to). I thought about replacing it, But I don’t want to spend $20.  As Lula’s schnozz got more and more flaky dry and crusty and she started rubbing her face on everything, I knew I had to buy something.  So I decided to get something both pet and human could use.

I actually didn’t take this purchase lightly. I kind of weighed my options for days.  I looked in my house to see if I already owned an alternative I could use, but I had nothing that I felt comfortable putting on my pet (please do your research before putting human products on pets!)  She was getting more and more uncomfortable.

In a way it’s a good thing, as this challenge so far has been really making me focus on what my emotional state is and how it causes me to consume.

Things I can’t get rid of (even though deep down I might want to) #2

Here’s my continuation of my things I can’t get rid of.  You can see my original post here.

3- bullet

Lol, I know, right? (We aren’t going to be getting into details about guns or gun laws or feelings about these things on this blog. This is a minimalism post. As a disclaimer, I do live in a state where guns are legal and it’s a pretty normal thing for people to own guns here.) I do enjoy going out for shooting, but I don’t own guns that would use .300 caliber bullets (pretty sure that’s the right size)

Why I want to get rid of this- I don’t own a gun for this. It serves no purpose. It’s kinda big.  Who keeps one bullet?

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- I came across this while in a past relationship.  I had never really been around people who owned guns.  I actually really liked how they, as a family, would go out to the desert on holidays, and target shoot.  At first I was beyond nervous to use an AR-15 but it ended up being very mentally challenging aiming and being so accurate.  It was always very fun! This reminds me of those fun shooting trips.

I keep it in my curio cabinet (of all places), and the shocked/confused looks on people’s faces always make me laugh.  “Is that for someone specific?” “oh, you’re a gun person?” “Why do you have this next to the Scumann Bavaria china?”

Because I can.

4-Ouija board

Why I want to get rid of this- I don’t play with this. It’s shoved in a closet and often I forget I own it.  I don’t have any emotional attachment to it as I bought it from a thrift store.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- I think this one is from the 50s, it has the original box, and all its contents.  Again, I have a really hard time getting rid of “old” things because in my mind, they’re more “special” than new things.  I don’t know if anyone would want this. It’s kind of neat.

Things I can’t get rid of (even though deep down I might want to) #1

I haven’t made posts like this yet.  Usually I just post my large pile of stuff I’m donating and make it seem so easy to get rid of things (which I am working on another pile, btw).

The Minimalist Journey isn’t always easy.  People who tell you this either naturally have no attachment to things (lucky them), are delusional (poor them), lying (shame on them) or make money by talking about how amazing minimalism is (lucky them times two!) I am none of these things.  Sometimes this journey stinks and I want to keep all my stuff.

Hmm… Maybe I should write a Cons to Minimalism post sometimes.  I’ll do it when I’m in a bad mood so I don’t sugarcoat it.

Anyway, I have really bad days that I get super annoyed with it and get kinda fussy about it (but but, I WANT the thing! I have extra money and I work hard! I DESERVE the thing!) 

I have days that I see something on the counter and go “oh! That’s gonna go!” Big happy face and put in the donate pile.

There are other days that I just get sick of making decisions and am tired of analyzing my stuff and whether or not they (the things) get to live in my home or not.  So that got me to thinking, I can’t be the only person who just… Keeps things because of X reasons (even though deep down they might want to get rid of them).  

I think the next few days I’ll make some posts of the things (big and little) that are my burdens, why I want to get rid of them and why I think I might keep them. I decided to make multiple posts because I tend to get wordy…

1-Singer sewing machine (1900)

Why I want to get rid of this- An ex of mine brought this home.  He’s not one of my favorite ex’s. The box it’s in is falling apart and rather disgusting.  It’s kind of big and really heavy. I like to sew by hand and I don’t have a sewing table. It sits in the corner of my second bedroom closet taking up space.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- Its beautiful and in really good shape.  I have a really hard time getting rid of old things (it’s from 1900) because I worry they’ll end up in a landfill or no one will want them. I don’t want to be bothered with trying to sell it (either online or finding someone local) and don’t even know what it’s worth. I kind of like it.

2-Singer sewing machine (2015)

Why I want to get rid of this- I like to sew by hand. I never use it. It sits in the opposite corner of my second bedroom closet that Singer Sewing Machine #1 sits in. It collects dust.  Someone else would probably really like this.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- My mom bought this for me as a Christmas present and it was expensive. She brings it up, A LOT. I mean, a LOT A LOT. I feel a little guilty (ok a lot guilty) about the idea of getting rid of it because I know it would upset her.  And I don’t want to start a fight with her. And she would nag at me about it until the end of time.

March No-Buy update

Well… It’s been 8 days since I started my “no-buy” month and I have been doing….

Quite shit, for lack of a better word.  

The first thing I bought was digital.  I completely forgot that I had been planning to buy this for a long time (a year-ish).  And this was released on the day I actually posted that I wouldn’t be buying anything.  

K-Pop music is one of my big guilty pleasures.  And by guilty I mean, I’m guilty because I bought it.

1- j-hope Hope World ($5.99)

My mom has been looking for some outdoor chairs and I have been checking the thrift stores for her whenever I’m close to one.  

BIG MISTAKE.  In my defense, about 2 years ago, I shamelessly bought whatever I wanted at a thrift store.  I have been better since.  But again.  This is SUPPOSED to be a no-buy month but I saw these. 

These German Asta enamel cookware pots are from the 70s (ish) were pretty much brand new, they looked they had never been used.  They were pretty expensive when new and still sell online for $25-80.   They have brass handles.  I bought these last Sunday and have used them every night for dinners since.

2 and 3- German Asta cookware ($6.99 and $7.99)

And this last one is really bad.  I saw it at the thrift store and fell in love.  Then I left.  Then I kept thinking about it for days.  So I went back and it was still there.  I didn’t need it.  It was really expensive.  I did get 20% off but it was still expensive. 

4- big stupid James Mont Asian-inspired brass lamp (way too much $$$)

This stupid lamp was HUGE. And it weighs about 50 pounds. 

So… When you make mistakes…. You brush yourself off and try again.  You focus on the how and the why and try to do better.  I’m really going to try to do better these next three weeks.

I’m human, I make booboos. It is hard not buying things.

(And I told my mom she’s on her own in future looking for outdoor furniture.  I can’t handle thrift stores {or iTunes})

The Annual Inspection and “Good Enough”

I rent. Not much I can do about that in this moment in my life.  

With being in a rental comes the dreaded annual inspection and I. LOATHE. THEM.

I am pretty darn lucky. The owners of this property go though a realty company so I never have to deal with them. If I need anything fixed, I email the realty company and they take care of getting it fixed. They give me a WEEKS notice when they’re going to inspect and only do inspections once a year.  

And usually around January, I start getting nervous waiting for my notice.

I’m never home for these inspections.  My mom was nice enough to be here one year for me and she said the gal was here for a total of 5 minutes and asked “Does she USE the fireplace??” (I do, I CLEAN it) 

Then she left.

I have a feeling the same thing happens when I’m not here.  5 minute walk-through. Leave.

That doesn’t stop me from panicking and neurotically cleaning though.

On any given day,  I will maybe have one out of place thing sitting on a table. I just don’t clutter. Guests always call me a neat freak (and some refuse to sit on my couch. Don’t ask me why, they end up sitting on the fireplace.  Which is clean too, but still.) 

Logical Krissy KNOWS that they’re coming in to check for meth labs,  30 cats (my lease says I’m only allowed 2 pugs), trashed carpets, hoarding, broken windows, fire or flood damage, mold, loads of animal waste, etc.  Logical Krissy knows that she could probably scrub the toilet, mop the floors and vacuum and call it a day.

Neurotic Krissy in the last few days has shop-vac’ed the fireplace (and scrubbed it), moved the fridge and mopped underneath (and cleaned the top and all the shelves inside), moved the oven (same cleaning as the fridge),  removed the bathroom ceiling fan and cleaned that out, took off the stopper in the bathroom sink to clean that, took down all the glass light fixtures and washed them,  cleaned the windows inside and out, washed all the dog toys, my sheets, washed the curtains, vacuumed the entire ceiling in case there was dust or cobwebs… Etc.

*Sigh* don’t even ask me why. I know that whoever comes in could give a XXXX that my curtains have been washed and fluffed.   I even thought about giving the dogs a bath so they’re clean then just started busting up laughing at my nonsense.  This is my anxiety rearing its ugly head.

 I do this EVERY YEAR.

My inspection is tomorrow. I won’t be here as I need to work.  Today I’m planning to mop all the floors again, vacuum, scrub the toilet again, and hide all of my small valuables just in case the stranger in my house happens to be a klepto (neurotic and paranoid. Good combination!) and call it GOOD ENOUGH. I am determined that next year, I’m not going to waste an entire three day weekend on my hands and knees scrubbing under the refrigerator.
Does anyone else panic during inspection time?  I can’t be the only one.

Vacuumed and only slightly cluttered garage. And a pug spying on us.
A rather boring (but clean) bathroom.
Dirty floors! Everything else is clean though.
Ugh! I just noticed how dirty that mirror is.
My office. Clean!
Fireplace! Clean!
The pugs confirm it’s flipping clean!
(Something else I’ve been planning is a post on WHY I consider myself a minimalist….I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to take pictures of my home…. I think we need more examples online of what a “minimalist” is. I’ll work on that later this week)

Official No-Buy March

I decided today (I know. It’s the second of March) that March is going to be an Official No-Buy month for me.  I mean, most months are “No-Buy” as I consider myself a minimalist and don’t really shop.  

But “don’t really” and “don’t” are two different things.  I still shop. And mindlessly sometimes.  It’s been one of my goals and constant issues for the last few YEARS to cut down on my shopping. And for the MOST PART I have. I’m more conscientious, at least.  Compare 2018 Krissy to the Krissy 5 years ago and you got a whole different woman.

Something I had been doing for about two years (2015-2016) was keep a Budget Book. Some people use their phones or an excel spreadsheet on their computers. Nope. Not me. I kept a tiny notebook. And wrote down EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE.  I had a page for each type (for example; “March 2015 Unnecessary”, “March 2015 Food”, “March 2015 Bills”).  At the end of the month, I’d make a total for each page and then added it to my Month/Yearly tally at the back of the book. 

Each month I saw my spending go way way down.

I could SEE how much I was spending. I’d write down a purchase and then two weeks later forgot what I had even bought in that random purchase, so that would embarrass me and I’d try not to do that again. Since I had to literally PULL the notebook out of my bag, find a pen and WRITE DOWN my purchase (and feel the shame of adding something ELSE to the “Unnecessary” page), often times I knew it would be a total pain in the ass to have to write it down, so I just wouldn’t buy anything.  Win!

And this worked SO well! I had all this extra money and less things!

And then I stopped doing it. 


It’s a total pain in the ass to pull the notebook out of my bag, find a pen and write the stupid purchase down.

Unfortunately, that seemed to be my downfall. 2017 I did buy quite a bit (mostly one small thing at a time but Expensive. I.e., car, jewelry).  And this year…

I’m going to publicly shame myself, because dammit if that helps me get better, and work toward my goals, I’m gonna do it!

This year I sat down and FINALLY did my budget (January-February 2018. It’s only March, guys) I spent:

  • $118 on miscellaneous pet things. Not counting food. Not counting vet trips. Things. Toys. Chewies. New dog bowl. Etc.
  • $117 on Amazon. I had tea imported from England. I had face wash imported from South Korea. I had toothpaste imported from Japan. Other miscellaneous.  I know, “Why?” Because some things I prefer to use, I can’t find in the US. We have tea in the US (not really good tea, but we have it). I can buy face wash and tooth paste at the flipping grocery store.  Preferences be darned!
  • And here’s the whopper- $127 on iTunes. Digital, intangible music (Curse you Big Bang, BTS, Seventeen, DEAN, Zico…etc.). While, yes technically, digital things aren’t something that will sit on my dining room table at home collecting dust, and I do have plenty of space on my iPod, it’s still $127 that just flew out of my bank account. 

I made a post earlier that I spent $10 on a dining room table and pride myself on how stingy and cheap I am, but I will blow that much on…useless things. So I’m a total hypocrite.

All this after I had been telling myself for the last 6 months of 2017 that I wanted to stop shopping.  I hope you, dear reader, are ashamed of and shocked at me.  Because then maybe I’ll get better.

So after I embarrassed myself, I grabbed a small notebook (one I already had!) and started up my Budget Book again.  I even wrote down inside “No-Buy March!!!” So we will see how that goes, shall we?

Konmari the pantry?

You bet you can! 

I really hope this pantry gives you the jeebies as much as it did me.  

I have the jeebies looking at this.

Check out these shelves LOL. I mean, I’m usually pretty good at keeping up with the pantry but… Life gets in the way. 

Stacks and stacks of tea. Coffee shoved behind coffee.
Just shoved in.

So same rules apply with all Konmari sorting.  Pull EVERYTHING out and make a pile.

EVERY food item in my pantry on the dining room table.

Touch everything. But don’t put it away after you look at it. Yet.

 If you’re anything like me, you look in your pantry and think, “oh! All this is new! I just bought this!”

NO. Touch everything and check dates on everything.  Food won’t be as fresh as you think unless you are religious with checking your pantry. And I’m not.  My oldest expiration date wasn’t too bad (7/2017. But I still wouldn’t risk expired tuna).

Toss everything that is expired.

Sorry baby, no expired food for you.

Now this is where the “joy” part comes in.  Look and touch each of the remaining food items.  Which of these are your favorites? You KNOW you’re going to eat. Like, within the next week? Those are definite keeps.

Then look at the others.  The dusty cans you had shoved in the back of the pantry. The opened container that you tried some and didn’t like much but you kept anyway. C’mon. Be honest here. You forgot you had it, right? The stuff that you bought and kept “just in case.” 

In case of what? In case you shove back into your pantry and forget you had again until it too expires?  Donate non-expired unopened non-perishables to a food pantry or church. People who need and want it!

Decide what you want to do with the already opened containers. Is it stale? Toss. Are the items inside individually wrapped (like tea bags or candies?) I like to take mine to work and put it on the break room table with a “take me, I’m yours” note. And people do!

Wipe down your shelves, sort your items and place everything to the front of the shelf and facing forward and voila! A less scary pantry.

Fold soldiers at attention.

This thing

Throughout all of my purging and minimizing, I have constantly decided to keep this thing.  Yes, one of these.  Horrible things.

Do people actually like these?

Yep. Macrame shell monstrosity from the 70s.  In my master bedroom.  Right next to my bed.  Not kidding.

Want to know the history of this thing?  I bought it for $15 at a consignment store about uh, 7 years ago.  I think I convinced myself to buy it because the guy I was dating hated it so much.   I think.  Can’t remember. That seems like something I would do. See that “was” there? Ditch the guy, keep the horrible shell thing. That’ll show him!

I think the last 7 years, I’ve looked at it and thought “ugh, it’s so dusty, I should wash it in the bath tub.” (But I never have)

I kept a thing throughout all these purges (I’ve donated well over half my previous belongings) that means nothing to me, has zero sentiment, is filthy dusty,  takes up a very large amount of space and everyone cringes at.  Sometimes when we have an earthquake or the window is open, the shells tinkle and annoy me.  

It’s interesting how the mind works in that we feel like we need to keep things for ?????? reason. Who knows. But I’m still diligently working on it.

It really was that big.

Empty space!

OK now I’m really IRRITATED

I just finished my post about purging about 30 dog toys when I felt cold and realized I had a bag of dog toys I put “away for a rainy day” in the closet.  I think I shouted a few expletives, sat down and ate some lunch so I would calm down….

A trash bag stuffed full of dog toys

I mean, I am literally ashamed and embarrassed right now. My last post (that I literally wrote an hour ago), I was so chuffed and proud of myself because I thought that I had sorted through them all.  I was shocked that I had 57 toys in the house! Then I realize “WTF, there’s another TRASH BAG FULL??”

I can’t do this anymore, all this spending and shopping. It’s really not like the dogs care, they don’t sit in their kennels at night and wonder “oh! It’s been X months since I’ve seen big floppy monkey, I wonder when mom will bring him out of the trash bag full of toys that she has shoved in the closet?”

The SECOND huge piles of dog toys that I needed to sort through. Lula’s giving me an “Are you serious, woman??”
Donate pile. 9 in total.
The trash pile. I did decide to move the big monkey into donate pile. 11 in total.
The keepsies. 4 in total.

So really truly.  This is obviously an issue I need to work on

In total, including last post I: 

  • Donated 21 toys
  • Threw away 26 toys
  • Kept 34 toys

Grand total 81. My dogs. PETS had 81 toys. There are children in the world who have no toys. There are people in the world who don’t have and can’t afford 81 things.
Never again.