Thrift scores

Sometimes when thrifting, you get lucky.  I saw these and the colors, design and delicacy immediately caught my eyes. I usually don’t buy porcelain or china but I had a tough time putting these down.  There is a local Catholic charity shop, that sometimes I wonder if people have their whole estate donated, for I find some amazing things there. 

Anyway, I hmm’d and hah’d over these, mostly due to their price. The large one was $17 and the small one was $12. I googled the Schumann marker (I really know nothing about porcelain or fine china) and saw that it was a well respected company so… Yep! I bought them.

After I brought this home, I did my research and found out that this was from US occupied Germany and was made in 1945-49.  The gold is hand painted and is in excellent condition. This one is 12″ long. I couldn’t find one this same size, but a similar one (and the same style) at 10.5″ that sold for $120.

This one was much smaller at 6″. It didn’t have the lacework in it but still it was beautiful and from the same time period as the bigger one (1945-49). I saw this same one sell for $55 (in worse condition).
Now, I don’t thrift just so I can resell or anything.but I am always pleased when I get lucky and find really neat, historical pieces for a good price. Do your research in the store, sometimes you’ll find a treasure!


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