Donate donate donate 2

With the exclusion of very few purchases (of items I will use, or am replacing other broken items), I am still diligently working toward my minimalism goals.

These are the things that are being donated next.  Another plant trellis, small table, vanity stool, old typewriter (I still have two!), a bag full of stationery, and a bag full of Tupperware and cutlery.  Not shown are a plant stand, four large plant pots (that were given to my mum) and a carpet shampooer that I had borrowed for three years but has been returned.

So that’s at least 50 items gone (I try not to count because it just overwhelms me).

I still have four areas of my house that are bad, my bedroom closet, the office and closet, and the garage.  

Just keep going!


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