Donate 2018 #1

Every time you thank you may be done with purging and getting rid of all the unnecessary things in life… You are WRONG.  This was my first donate pile of the year.  I’ve already taken it to the thrift store and already, I have another pile getting bigger in the garage. 

Believe it or not, 2017 was a good year for me.  I didn’t buy little miscellaneous things (I did buy a new car and replace my old truck that was falling apart and didn’t fit my lifestyle.  I don’t think that counts though).  No. I’m just really compelled to get rid of things.  I can’t really explain this feeling, why I feel the need to just clean out my life from stuff.  But it’s there and I’m going to keep at it.  I keep feeling like “something” amazing might happen and the old me is dying. The one who emotionally and painfully clung on to things and people who did nothing for me.

Pictured here are: a lamp, an umbrella stand, bedding, a bag of clothes and shoes, old toys that have wandered into my house after my mother moved (they were mine that I left when I moved out 15 years ago- and for good reason), and a laundry hamper full of books.

And my beautiful pug Ellie. She won’t be donated.
Minimalism is a constant.  You need to work at it everyday. Because believe me, things trickle in here and there.

I’m planning a post about my yearbooks.  And I will share when I’m ready to donate the other pile.


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