Donate 2018 #2

Here is my second donate pile of this year. I actually added more than what is pictured here.  About 10 books and other miscellaneous.  I keep hoping I get to a point where I am truly at Maintenance, but I keep finding more things I’m willing to part with.  Maybe soon.

On a positive note, I’ve been keeping up on my NOT buying things.  I keep thinking of making posts of Things I Didn’t Buy.  I did however, purchase some Korean face wash and toner.  But that’s been something I’ve been using every day so far.

The items that seem to bug me the most are gewgaws and tchotchkes.  Decorative stuff that just sits and collects dust.  I seem to use the blazes out of clothes/shoes (to the point that when I don’t want them anymore they’re so trashed or threadbare I can’t donate them, which is actually a GOOD thing).  Beauty products I’m very careful about buying and don’t purchase unless I KNOW I will like it and use it. So the latter two I haven’t felt to bad as most of the time when I’m purchasing, it’s to replace existing items. 

Pictured here: shoes, pots and pans, funky wall art that other people tried to pass on to me, holiday plates I never liked, Christmas/Halloween/Easter decor, about 100 antique/vintage ornaments that I didn’t think we’re cute, the remaining of my CDs, (not pictured here, books and misc)…

and my Pocket Dragon collection.  My grandmother loved buying me these, and while they’re cute, they’ve been sitting in a box for the last 10 years (and I had a lot of them. About 50, all in their tins). I did keep one though, the smallest and my favorite.  She’s sitting on display in the curio cabinet.  I hope someone see these at the thrift store and loves them as much as I did when I was young.


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