Something I watched

I’ve had the week off and have had a lazy time of it too.  As soon as I finished Assassination Classroom, I started this little gem. And yes I finished it in three days. I was busting up laughing and tearing up at all romance.

Kamisama Kiss

Yes yes, blah blah this show is like Inuyasha and Fruits Baskets (which btw, Fruits Basket is one of my favorites).  There were a lot of storyline holes in this one.  Again, I don’t read manga. So there were some iffy parts to it that hinted to things mentioned in the manga (I had to google) that they didn’t explain in the anime. And I didn’t care.  All of the characters and artwork was beautiful.  It was funny and cute and I loved every single character.

And that sexual tension between Nanami and Tomoe, was fantastic.


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