Things I can’t get rid of (even though deep down I might want to) #1

I haven’t made posts like this yet.  Usually I just post my large pile of stuff I’m donating and make it seem so easy to get rid of things (which I am working on another pile, btw).

The Minimalist Journey isn’t always easy.  People who tell you this either naturally have no attachment to things (lucky them), are delusional (poor them), lying (shame on them) or make money by talking about how amazing minimalism is (lucky them times two!) I am none of these things.  Sometimes this journey stinks and I want to keep all my stuff.

Hmm… Maybe I should write a Cons to Minimalism post sometimes.  I’ll do it when I’m in a bad mood so I don’t sugarcoat it.

Anyway, I have really bad days that I get super annoyed with it and get kinda fussy about it (but but, I WANT the thing! I have extra money and I work hard! I DESERVE the thing!) 

I have days that I see something on the counter and go “oh! That’s gonna go!” Big happy face and put in the donate pile.

There are other days that I just get sick of making decisions and am tired of analyzing my stuff and whether or not they (the things) get to live in my home or not.  So that got me to thinking, I can’t be the only person who just… Keeps things because of X reasons (even though deep down they might want to get rid of them).  

I think the next few days I’ll make some posts of the things (big and little) that are my burdens, why I want to get rid of them and why I think I might keep them. I decided to make multiple posts because I tend to get wordy…

1-Singer sewing machine (1900)

Why I want to get rid of this- An ex of mine brought this home.  He’s not one of my favorite ex’s. The box it’s in is falling apart and rather disgusting.  It’s kind of big and really heavy. I like to sew by hand and I don’t have a sewing table. It sits in the corner of my second bedroom closet taking up space.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- Its beautiful and in really good shape.  I have a really hard time getting rid of old things (it’s from 1900) because I worry they’ll end up in a landfill or no one will want them. I don’t want to be bothered with trying to sell it (either online or finding someone local) and don’t even know what it’s worth. I kind of like it.

2-Singer sewing machine (2015)

Why I want to get rid of this- I like to sew by hand. I never use it. It sits in the opposite corner of my second bedroom closet that Singer Sewing Machine #1 sits in. It collects dust.  Someone else would probably really like this.

Why I can’t seem to get rid of it- My mom bought this for me as a Christmas present and it was expensive. She brings it up, A LOT. I mean, a LOT A LOT. I feel a little guilty (ok a lot guilty) about the idea of getting rid of it because I know it would upset her.  And I don’t want to start a fight with her. And she would nag at me about it until the end of time.


Thrift score

It’s official. I am now a fan of Schumann china. It’s beautiful.  My mom actually noticed this one while we were thrifting.  It’s a Dresden Flowers bowl.  I looked up the marker and all I could find online was that these were made “before 1900?”

If anyone could possibly  be tell me a little more about this particular mark or the value, that would be wonderful!  

I don’t plan on selling this because it’s so pretty, but I do admit, I’m kinda chuffed I found this for… Fifty cents.


Brass candlesticks

I’m a major thrifter/antique shopper so I assure you, throughout this blog there will be my thrift/antique finds that I will share. 

I’m a sucker for brass. Don’t ask me why, I just love it. I set aside a DAY every year, just so I can polish all the brass decorations, items, knobs, pulls, doodads in my house. I grumble about it every year because honestly, who wants to spend an entire day polishing brass?

I have a sneaky suspicion that people in my area are either a) not donating their brass items like the used to, or b) some weirdo brass junkie like me is buying it all up before I have a chance to.  It had been MONTHS since I had really seen any brass items at all in a thrift shop.  All the stuff I was finding at antique stores were marked WAY too high. 

So imagine my surprise when I saw a nice hodgepodge of brass candlesticks in my local thrift store. They were pretty nasty. The pictures don’t show exactly how dirty gross these were (and the smell. Terrible). But with a little bit of polish and elbow grease, I think they turned out quite lovely. 

Before. Dirty grimy smelly.

After. All shined up and smelling so nice. 

The two in the middle were $2.50 each, the two on the outside were $1. My local thrift doesn’t tax so, not too shabby. Total $7.