More to Donate 3

I’ve been purging my stuff like crazy.  Here’s some more things on the chopping block.

Puggy piggy bank
Guess where I grew up?? I’ve had this coin bank since I was about 4. This bank no longer exists.
An inflatable floaty for dogs and a wreath container and wreath
This random stuff
MORE random stuff! Yes, even the beautiful typewriter!
A gorgeous brass compote
One item I’ve been having a tough time getting rid of is this cute little play stove.  I think I might keep this one in the garage for a bit and see how I feel about it in a few weeks.


Too many socks. 

I’m gonna stop buying socks for myself.  Why bother?  My mom likes to buy me cute socks when she see them and this is the result:

24 pairs of socks, a single with no mate (and not pictured, a pair of dress socks).

I live alone. Do I need this many socks? No. 

The number one thing that homeless people need is socks.  And I have 25 and a half pairs. 

I’m getting rid of 10 pairs of socks (too funky to donate).  The next time I’m at the store I’ll buy a few packs of brand new socks in different sizes and take them to the shelter.

Donation time again

My curio cabinet was so loaded with stuff and so heavy that it was starting to pull the L-brackets out of the studs in the wall.  I kept hearing it creaking.  One night, as my tiny little dog was sitting right in front of it, I heard the thing pop as it pulled even farther from the wall.  Luckily, it didn’t crash onto my pet and didn’t cause too much damage to the wall.  

It did make me accept the fact that I have TOO MANY tchotchkes, too many gewgaws, too many knick-knacks, too much decorative crap!

I can get rid of clothing, furniture, crafts, why cant I get rid of these tiny decorative useless things??

I started by emptying out the curio cabinet, taking it away from the wall and yanking its feet off.  It should be safer if it’s flat on the floor.

The dangerous furniture and the little dog

I made a pile of the decorative things and found what I absolutely did want to keep and put it back in.  

Here’s the rest which didn’t make the cut:

Some of these things are “heirlooms,” things that belonged to my grandmother and great-grandmother, but they’re not really old or meaningful, and to be honest, I didn’t actually LIKE them that much, other than the family connection.  Then I decided to yank the Chinese brass off the wall in the bathroom.  And put the foul ball I caught at a pro game I went to a few years ago.

Then I went through my closet and filled a bag with clothes.  Might as well put the hangers in too.  The Harry Potters are going.  A humidifier, two vases, a mirror, a unicorn glass thing, another wall decor, a Betsey Johnson purse, and other misc.

I’ve been reading Fumio Sasaki’s “Goodbye Things” (downloaded for free of course, I no longer buy books) and he said that if you think about getting rid of something 5 times, you should just “discard” it.  I don’t discard items if I can help it but boy do I donate.  I’m enjoying reading his story.  He has a gentleness and a vulnerability that I like, and I’m liking some of his points.  

He has a list of “55 tips to help you say goodbye to your things.” 

My three favorite tips are: 

#8. There isn’t a single item you will regret throwing away.  This for me has been true. 

#14. Take photos of the items that are tough to part with.  I’ve been doing that with this blog each time I make a new donate pile and it has been very helpful!

And #16.  Our things are like roommates, except we pay their rent.  DING!  I LOVE this way of thinking!
I think this will also be donated. I’ve thought about donating this FAR more than 5 times.  Growing up I always wanted a roll-top desk.  I imagined sitting quietly journaling, thinking deep thoughts. I sit on my butt at a desk all day long, the last thing I wanna do is be doing it at home.  And I’m usually at the dining room table if I want to write anyway. 

As you can see, it also needs to be completely sanded down and painted or stained.  Yuck.

 So goodbye roll-top desk, I’m not paying your rent anymore.

Donate 2018 #4

I talked myself into donating my old Singer sewing machine.  It was actually my local thrift stores fault, they had posted an industrial antique singer on their Facebook and people went gaga for it.  So, I hope maybe they can go gaga for mine too and it will go to a good home. I also donated the Ouija board and I got rid of the bullet (didn’t donate, threw away).  Three things that I thought for sure I could never let go of!  

I also decided to donate the longboard.  I never quite got the hang of riding it, I’m too clumsy.  I figure someone will love it though.  I also donated some old books!  

All that stuff in the background are items from my last few posts.  All the clothes, household items and fabric.  

It took me and two other people about 15 minutes to unload all this stuff out of my SUV, I had that much.  

I’m ready to start moving onto a new chapter of my life.  

I think at this moment I’ve donated roughly 80% of my previous belongings.  I’ve decided I’m going to continue with my “no shopping” and take a break from all this donating. 

Sorting through my items and analyzing everything all the time can get a little exhausting. I don’t want to get burnt out and fed up.  I plan on taking a couple of months off (from donating) and just focusing on the items I already own.

April No-TV month

Last month was a No-Buy month where I went a whole month without buying things (mostly lol).  This month I have decided I will try to go “No-TV.” 

Yes.  A whole month without the boob tube.  I will most likely fail miraculously.  I might even go insane.  I’ll probably be productive, sure.  But I might go insane. 

I don’t have regular shows I watch, and I don’t have cable or anything.  I was almost at the end of the first season of Versailles on Netflix, but I’m sure in a month it will still be there. Still, television is my way to unwind and shut my brain off for a little bit (I am constantly making difficult decisions at work all day).  I’m sure I will have some… Interesting posts the next few weeks. 

Sorry in advance.  

“This is my brain off TV.”

For my first night I decided to Konmari through the dreaded fabric. I’ve been putting this off for a LONG TIME.  I was kind of… Worried to go through all this fabric.  Craft items I think can be some of the hardest things to go through.  All those projects not finished, put off or even started!  Failed ideas! Wasted money!

Now, I’m not a quilter.  I don’t sew human clothes.  But! I did used to make clothes for BJDs (ball jointed dolls).  My very expensive dolls have been sitting in their boxes in the closet for… A few years (I’m embarrassed to admit that).  I have 4 dolls that haven’t even been PAINTED yet, let alone had clothes put on them.  

I can’t really explain why I stopped with my BJD hobby.  There were a lot of reasons. I think maybe it was getting too expensive, time consuming… I had been making and selling clothes.  I also was modifying dolls and selling them.  When you’re starting to get commission customers, your life gets a little overwhelming.  I had a few customers who were… Very demanding of me, even if I told them this is my hobby, not my business (and I have a full time job and a house to run!)

About three years later, My mom also decided to get into this hobby and for some reason tried to make it into some sort of competition on who could sell the most doll clothes (I know, stupid right?) so, I lost my drive, it wasn’t fun or “mine” anymore. The dolls were shoved in their boxes and the vast quantities of fabric forgotten in a closet.

I’ve been wanting to get back into this hobby.  I won’t do commissions, nor do I plan on making my hobby fodder for someone else’s ego.  I decided it was high time to focus on the fabrics I really liked, and maybe I can get some neat ideas in the process.

Here’s my fabric shelves before: 

A flipping mess without any rhyme, reason, or organization.

I also had two drawers full, AND a remnant drawer.

More fabric
Remnant fabric
I started off really strong.  I managed to make a pile taller than my dog (which is easy because she’s short).

Then for some reason I started getting panicky.  Fabric is expensive!  What if I need to use it later! Some of this was my grandmothers!  Should I really get rid of this??

Then I realized some of this stuff I just didn’t LIKE. It wasn’t cute to me. It would be a pain to find ANYTHING that matched. Some of it I bought for projects for EX’s (that I never got around to making).  I didn’t like how it felt, etc. 

I added more to the pile.

The donate pile!

As I was sorting through the remainder I decided to keep, I was actually getting outfit ideas! Art ideas! Finally after all these years! 

Here is my after result:

Much better! Organized!

I did end up salvaging the elephant book ends which were destined to be donated, but I can always donate them later if I decided to.

Empty bottom drawer and scarf

I managed to empty the bottom drawer (this will be donated) and found an old scarf I forgot I owned mixed in!  I will donate this too.

Fleece drawer

 I kept the fleeces so they can be cut up into kennel blankets for my dogs.  Their blankets usually need to be replaced every 6 months so me “finding” this fabric actually will save me money in future, as I probably would have just gone and bought more. 

The remnant drawer is still a mess.  *shrug* Can’t be perfect.

I’ll be taking some of my donation fabric (fleeces) to the humane society as there’s two volunteers there I know that make cat beds and dog blankets (I volunteer there too, periodically).  The rest will be going to my senior center, there’s a local quilting group that quilts for charity.

(If anyone was curious how I get my fabric to stand up, I buy comic book boards in packs and wrap my fabric around them! Fabric then slides neatly onto a regular bookshelf)

Donate 2018 #3

Here’s my newest donate pile. 

20 items of clothing, a guitar, 2 picture frame, about 15 random kitchen utensils, 4 purses, two picture frames, tablecloth and napkins, two stuffed animals (from when I was a kid), 3 blu-Ray animes (I don’t have a blu-Ray player), a stapler, spinning poi, the old ugly she’ll macrame thing, bookends, glass viewfinders, and a box full of ribbon.

Not pictured here (because I added later), drawer pulls, a dinosaur Halloween outfit, a boogie board, and a Christmas tree in box.

Donate 2018 #2

Here is my second donate pile of this year. I actually added more than what is pictured here.  About 10 books and other miscellaneous.  I keep hoping I get to a point where I am truly at Maintenance, but I keep finding more things I’m willing to part with.  Maybe soon.

On a positive note, I’ve been keeping up on my NOT buying things.  I keep thinking of making posts of Things I Didn’t Buy.  I did however, purchase some Korean face wash and toner.  But that’s been something I’ve been using every day so far.

The items that seem to bug me the most are gewgaws and tchotchkes.  Decorative stuff that just sits and collects dust.  I seem to use the blazes out of clothes/shoes (to the point that when I don’t want them anymore they’re so trashed or threadbare I can’t donate them, which is actually a GOOD thing).  Beauty products I’m very careful about buying and don’t purchase unless I KNOW I will like it and use it. So the latter two I haven’t felt to bad as most of the time when I’m purchasing, it’s to replace existing items. 

Pictured here: shoes, pots and pans, funky wall art that other people tried to pass on to me, holiday plates I never liked, Christmas/Halloween/Easter decor, about 100 antique/vintage ornaments that I didn’t think we’re cute, the remaining of my CDs, (not pictured here, books and misc)…

and my Pocket Dragon collection.  My grandmother loved buying me these, and while they’re cute, they’ve been sitting in a box for the last 10 years (and I had a lot of them. About 50, all in their tins). I did keep one though, the smallest and my favorite.  She’s sitting on display in the curio cabinet.  I hope someone see these at the thrift store and loves them as much as I did when I was young.

Donate Donate Donate 2018

Every time you thank you may be done with purging and getting rid of all the unnecessary things in life… You are WRONG.  This was my first donate pile of the year.  I’ve already taken it to the thrift store and already, I have another pile getting bigger in the garage. 

Believe it or not, 2017 was a good year for me.  I didn’t buy little miscellaneous things (I did buy a new car and replace my old truck that was falling apart and didn’t fit my lifestyle.  I don’t think that counts though).  No. I’m just really compelled to get rid of things.  I can’t really explain this feeling, why I feel the need to just clean out my life from stuff.  But it’s there and I’m going to keep at it.  I keep feeling like “something” amazing might happen and the old me is dying. The one who emotionally and painfully clung on to things and people who did nothing for me.

Pictured here are: a lamp, an umbrella stand, bedding, a bag of clothes and shoes, old toys that have wandered into my house after my mother moved (they were mine that I left when I moved out 15 years ago- and for good reason), and a laundry hamper full of books.

And my beautiful pug Ellie. She won’t be donated.
Minimalism is a constant.  You need to work at it everyday. Because believe me, things trickle in here and there.

I’m planning a post about my yearbooks.  And I will share when I’m ready to donate the other pile.

Donate donate donate 3

I am truly almost at the “end” of my donate journey. By end, I mean, after this trip I will be mostly at a “maintenance” period.  

I have gotten rid of most of the large items I no longer want.  Part of this journey has actually been about getting rid of particle board furniture and either replacing it…or not.  Right now I have one particle board item left in my house. A small DVD case. Once I find the right tiny bookshelf that will be donated too.

Included in this photo is:

A folding plastic table, two particle board closet organizers (previously used as a dresser), a bag full of clothes, two small bags with craft fabric scraps, two pairs of shoes, 7 purses, art supplies, holiday items and…countless other tiny things. 
Getting there!

Donate donate donate 2

With the exclusion of very few purchases (of items I will use, or am replacing other broken items), I am still diligently working toward my minimalism goals.

These are the things that are being donated next.  Another plant trellis, small table, vanity stool, old typewriter (I still have two!), a bag full of stationery, and a bag full of Tupperware and cutlery.  Not shown are a plant stand, four large plant pots (that were given to my mum) and a carpet shampooer that I had borrowed for three years but has been returned.

So that’s at least 50 items gone (I try not to count because it just overwhelms me).

I still have four areas of my house that are bad, my bedroom closet, the office and closet, and the garage.  

Just keep going!