Donate 2018 #2

Here is my second donate pile of this year. I actually added more than what is pictured here.  About 10 books and other miscellaneous.  I keep hoping I get to a point where I am truly at Maintenance, but I keep finding more things I’m willing to part with.  Maybe soon.

On a positive note, I’ve been keeping up on my NOT buying things.  I keep thinking of making posts of Things I Didn’t Buy.  I did however, purchase some Korean face wash and toner.  But that’s been something I’ve been using every day so far.

The items that seem to bug me the most are gewgaws and tchotchkes.  Decorative stuff that just sits and collects dust.  I seem to use the blazes out of clothes/shoes (to the point that when I don’t want them anymore they’re so trashed or threadbare I can’t donate them, which is actually a GOOD thing).  Beauty products I’m very careful about buying and don’t purchase unless I KNOW I will like it and use it. So the latter two I haven’t felt to bad as most of the time when I’m purchasing, it’s to replace existing items. 

Pictured here: shoes, pots and pans, funky wall art that other people tried to pass on to me, holiday plates I never liked, Christmas/Halloween/Easter decor, about 100 antique/vintage ornaments that I didn’t think we’re cute, the remaining of my CDs, (not pictured here, books and misc)…

and my Pocket Dragon collection.  My grandmother loved buying me these, and while they’re cute, they’ve been sitting in a box for the last 10 years (and I had a lot of them. About 50, all in their tins). I did keep one though, the smallest and my favorite.  She’s sitting on display in the curio cabinet.  I hope someone see these at the thrift store and loves them as much as I did when I was young.


Donate Donate Donate 2018

Every time you thank you may be done with purging and getting rid of all the unnecessary things in life… You are WRONG.  This was my first donate pile of the year.  I’ve already taken it to the thrift store and already, I have another pile getting bigger in the garage. 

Believe it or not, 2017 was a good year for me.  I didn’t buy little miscellaneous things (I did buy a new car and replace my old truck that was falling apart and didn’t fit my lifestyle.  I don’t think that counts though).  No. I’m just really compelled to get rid of things.  I can’t really explain this feeling, why I feel the need to just clean out my life from stuff.  But it’s there and I’m going to keep at it.  I keep feeling like “something” amazing might happen and the old me is dying. The one who emotionally and painfully clung on to things and people who did nothing for me.

Pictured here are: a lamp, an umbrella stand, bedding, a bag of clothes and shoes, old toys that have wandered into my house after my mother moved (they were mine that I left when I moved out 15 years ago- and for good reason), and a laundry hamper full of books.

And my beautiful pug Ellie. She won’t be donated.
Minimalism is a constant.  You need to work at it everyday. Because believe me, things trickle in here and there.

I’m planning a post about my yearbooks.  And I will share when I’m ready to donate the other pile.

Donate donate donate 3

I am truly almost at the “end” of my donate journey. By end, I mean, after this trip I will be mostly at a “maintenance” period.  

I have gotten rid of most of the large items I no longer want.  Part of this journey has actually been about getting rid of particle board furniture and either replacing it…or not.  Right now I have one particle board item left in my house. A small DVD case. Once I find the right tiny bookshelf that will be donated too.

Included in this photo is:

A folding plastic table, two particle board closet organizers (previously used as a dresser), a bag full of clothes, two small bags with craft fabric scraps, two pairs of shoes, 7 purses, art supplies, holiday items and…countless other tiny things. 
Getting there!

Donate Donate Donate

I am slowly but surely working toward my minimalism goals.  It’s tough. I admit it.  Yes, I buy things (not only that I thrift!) but… I’ve actually been feeling guilty now each time I purchase things, because it’s a setback from my goals.I really have been planning a more in depth post (or posts) about minimalism and my goals.  I don’t really feel that many of the posts we see about minimalism are entirely realistic and almost get to the point of extremism. Not at all what I am.  
Anyway, this is my recent haul that’s going out to be donated.  There is a local thrift store by me where all the proceeds go to battered women and victims of domestic violence.  They even have beds and safe places for local women and children and strictly hire unemployed , work release, and at risk youth.  This place is great. 

The last four years (yes years, slowly but surely) I have donated about four to five truckloads about this size (some bigger).

TV stand, drawers, two cookie jars, 15 books, a crock pot, a lamp, art supply box, mail sorters, crafting drawers, about 2500 pieces of scrapbook paper, endless crafting supplies, 26 articles of clothing, 2 picture frames, DVD cases and paper inserts, Christmas items, about 20 small kids toys and various other small knick knacks I can’t remember.  All getting out of my house.  

Lula is inspecting and I think she approves that all these things need to go.

(She’s not going though! The pug stays!)