March No-Buy update #3 (and hoarding family members)

Ok, so here’s our update…I’ve been doing my best not to buys things this month and I’m taking it just one day at a time.

 My first week I did real shit and bought things. (4 to be precise)

My second week, I did much much better and only bought one item for the dog. (Shea butter for her dry nose, and by golly it’s worked!)

A lovely nose on a not-so-lovely pug.

And this week, I bought….


Yay me!

However. (Sorry now I’m about to get wordy again)

Yah.  See that however there?  I’ve told my family and friends about my goals.  I’ve told them I’m beyond sick of buying things and having excessive stuff in the house.  Most have been really cool and supportive about it.  All but one.  My mother.

Now, I don’t live with my mother (and never will) but we live within 15 minutes drive from each other. She is very involved in my life. I love her.  But she is both a shopaholic AND a hoarder.  In this picture below, she is at a 7 on a good day.

I’m not mentioning this to be judgemental in the slightest.  I am very sympathetic and understanding of her condition.  Growing up in a hoarder house is what made me the neurotically clean, zero tolerance to clutter, both capable of extreme purging and incapable of letting go person I am today.  

She also recently moved (probably one of the worst experiences in both of our lives) and is now beginning to see a little bit of how her stuff truly is a burden. (Bear with me, there is a point to all this).

She too has been purging her stuff, in her own way.  Each week she takes one full garbage bag to the donation center! I’m so proud of her! 

But then she brings things over I might like without asking me if I want them (therein lies the problem).  As she truly can’t distinguish “special” things from trash, I end up getting both.  She is very sensitive, like many hoarders are when it comes to things.  As I said, I’m very understanding of her.  When she brings stuff over, I always thank her and let her know I will go through the things later so I don’t hurt her feelings with my “this is trash” face. She truly can’t understand that when I say I don’t want anything else, that means I want NOTHING.  I doubt she ever will and this is something I’ve been working on accepting.

In addition to about half a bag of old paper and broken Happy Meal toys and a Barbie arm from the 90s (from when I was a kid, these were all immediately thrown away),  my mom brought over these.

They’re bigger than they look. They need to be polished. They’re nothing special and are from the 70s.  So here’s where my hoarder tendencies come in.  Now I need to decide if I want too keep them or not. They can go in the bathroom on the wall.  I can donate them.  This might cause a fight as my mother WILL ask me about them later.  (She remembers EVERY single item in both her house and mine).

She also brought this over, but had bought this yesterday at a thrift store.

I mean, he’s pretty cool. He’s a 70s knock off from an Art Deco lead crystal Verlys vase.  It was cheap (a whopping $3.49). She thought maybe I could put my lucky bamboo plant in it. And maybe I can.

And yet, here I have 4 more stinking items in my house that I need to figure out what to do with.


March No-Buy update #2

My last post about this was on March 10th and honestly, I was downright ashamed of myself!  I hate to say it, publicly shaming myself worked!  

I was more diligent, I stayed away from thrift stores, Amazon, k-pop sites and iTunes (all the usual offenders that make me want to pull out my credit card).  I was more verbal about my goals to my family and friends (who seemed mostly confused that I wouldn’t want to buy things. Some were supportive).  I had a couple of near-misses.  I admit it.  

Not shopping is really hard. Especially if it’s a HABIT.   Shopping for me is a habit which I really want to break.

I did buy one thing, and I think it was kind of justified.  Here, let me explain.

Shea butter- $5

I didn’t actually buy this for me. I bought it for my dog.  Yep. 

Meet Lula.

Is she looking at you or the wall? Both?

Lula’s tongue always sticks out (on her right side- she was born with a crooked jaw and has only a few teeth left). She can’t lick her own nose (please excuse her runny nose, she can’t take care of that herself either). She’s a grouchy old lady.

I used to use this stuff to moisturize her nose.  

And it’s a great product actually, but it was getting kind of old and slimy. I purchased this about 3 years ago for a whopping $20.  It works! Her nose was black and beautiful!  However, the older it got the more itchy it made ME (there is hempseed oil in it which I’m kind of allergic to). I thought about replacing it, But I don’t want to spend $20.  As Lula’s schnozz got more and more flaky dry and crusty and she started rubbing her face on everything, I knew I had to buy something.  So I decided to get something both pet and human could use.

I actually didn’t take this purchase lightly. I kind of weighed my options for days.  I looked in my house to see if I already owned an alternative I could use, but I had nothing that I felt comfortable putting on my pet (please do your research before putting human products on pets!)  She was getting more and more uncomfortable.

In a way it’s a good thing, as this challenge so far has been really making me focus on what my emotional state is and how it causes me to consume.